Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just arrived from Desiree Records...Nance Grant, the first release in a wonderful new series of 3CD sets devoted to Great Australian Voices!

When we make a list of outstanding Australian sopranos - Dame Nelli Melba, Florence Austral, Marjorie Lawrence and Dame Joan Sutherland, Nance Grant should definitely be added to that elite group. She possessed an excellent vocal technique and an innate musicianship which allowed her to sing the full gamut of soprano repertoire from Mozart and Donizetti to Verdi and Wagner.

Nance Grant's impressive career spanned four decades and she was adored by the public but sadly her voice went unrecorded by major studios. Now, thanks to Brian Castles-Onion's Desiree Records, her glorious voice can be heard on many rare and unusual tracks spanning her entire career.

"I remember when I was a young singer in the chorus of the Victorian State Opera watching Nance Grant from the wings each night as she sang Elettra in Idomeneo and being in total awe of not just her powerful voice but her incredible stage presence and charisma. She was a real inspiration to me." - Cheryl Barker

This is the first release in Desiree Records' 'Great Australian Voices' series devoted to our great operatic legacy. Each set contains three discs and a 24 page booklet honouring and exploring the career of a Great Australian singer.

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