Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Now available at Middle Eight Music...a yummy new CD from Peter Combe!

Peter Combe - Munchy Crunchy Songs

A few words from Peter...

"Over the years, people have said that when it comes to song writing, I seem to have a bit of a food obsession. Well, maybe they're right. To satisfy this 'apparent' obsession, I've collected all the munchy crunchy, icky sticky, juicy fuicy, yummy fummy songs I've written and recorded over the years, and put them all on to one CD. It was such a fun thing to do. Needless to say, eating is one of life's greatest pleasures and yes, I do love food! So... happy listening, happy munching and happy crunching!"

Includes a coloured booklet with all the lyrics.


1. Toffee Apple
2. Spaghetti Bolognaise
3. Wash Your Face In Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane)
4. I Just Love Bananas
5. Nutrition Blues
6. Chops & Sausages
7. Juicy Juicy Green Grass
8. Stuck In A Pizza
9. Yes Please
10. Six Juicy Apples
11. Yellow Banana
12. I Just Love Peanut Butter
13. Dr McKew
14. Honey
15. Jeffrey Hill
16. A Brussel Sprout
17. Mrs Wiggely Woggely Wheeze
18. Toast
19. Chish & Fips
20. Potato & Pumpkin Carrots And Peas
21. That's the way I like it
22. Oscar & Mr Hairy Gorilla
23. Supermarket
24. I had A Pear
25. The Enormous Turnip

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