Thursday, February 23, 2012

Now available at Middle Eight Music...two new CDs from legendary Australian singer-songwriter Jeannie Lewis

Jeannie Lewis - Tears Of Steel & The Clowning CalaverasJeannie Lewis - Tears Of Steel & The Clowning Calaveras (2CD)

Here's how Jeannie describes this album....

"This recording recreates 'The Tears of Steel & The Clowning Calaveras' concert series of November 1975, which was dedicated to my father. My original inspiration for the whole concert, and the particular basis for 'Tears of Steel', was a poem by Chilean writer Pablo Neruda, which he had written as an elegy to the Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez murdered by the fascists in Spain.

"I learned life from your death,
My eyes had begun to mourn
When I discovered within me
Not tears, but undying arms,
Wait for them! Wait for me!"

The concert, directed by Ted Robinson with design by Martin Sharp, was a celebration of life through death, inspired particularly by the Mexican attitude of facing death by making fun of her, humanising her as the bald one with whom we jest. In Mexico, November 2 is the Day of the Dead (All Soul's Day) and is set aside for a picnic with death. As part of the festivities people make 'Calaveras' - mock skeletons of paper and wire; angels, devils, politicians, animals, friends and family - a burlesque parody of this world.

In the sixties and seventies, the lives and deaths of rock musicians had become a focal point for many people. 'Clowning Calaveras' is a series of songs by and about some of these performers, these clowning calaveras, the matadors and gladiators of the arena of this time."

Jeannie Lewis - So U Want BloodJeannie Lewis - So U Want Blood

So U Want Blood was originally performed at the Universal Theatre, Melbourne and Kinselas, Sydney in January-March 1983 backed by the All Singing All Dancing Orchestra.

Jeannie Lewis - vocals
Red Symons - Guitars
Paul Grabowksy - piano, keyboards
Ian McDonald - bass
Eddy Van Roosendael - drums, percussion
George Worontshak - keyboards
Lisa Edwards & Mal Stainton - backing vocals

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