Monday, September 26, 2011

Now available through Middle Eight Music...Sing On Through Tomorrow: The Songs of Matthew Robinson - 2011 Original Australian Cast

Sing On Through Tomorrow: The Songs Of Matthew RobinsonSing On Through Tomorrow: The Songs Of Matthew Robinson - 2011 Original Australian Cast

Sing On Through Tomorrow is a new musical revue featuring the most acclaimed songs from the decade-long career of multi-award winning composer/lyricist Matthew Robinson.

Featuring Matthew Robinson, Shaun Rennie, Kate Maree Hoolihan and Hollie Andrew under the musical direction by Peter Rutherford.

Using songs from his critically acclaimed first musical Metro Street, as well as his hit cabaret shows, right through to his latest musical in development Happy People, Sing On Through Tomorrow tells the story of four thirty-somethings who must travel back in time to rediscover their reason to dream on.

Here's how Matthew describes the work..."Sing on Through Tomorrow is a revue of some of my dearest work but also tells the story of four young adults in their mid thirties who must travel back in time to find their inspiration and spirit. It’s a beautiful and emotionally charged journey."

"Robinson creates lyrics of wit and tenderness, and marries them to music of sophisticated craftsmanship, attractive melodies and clever modulations" - The Sydney Morning Herald

"what a joy it is to be thoroughly entertained by a collection of musical theatre songs from up-and-coming Australian songwriter Matthew Robinson...the range, texture and contrast of his catalogue, as displayed in this revue, is diverse and exciting. There are emotional ballads, lively ensembles, engagingly connected duets and delicious comedy numbers, through a broad range of dramatic (and comedic) contexts." - Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers


1. Dream On
2. On A Rooftop
3. Five Years Time
4. Metro Street
5. The Girl Next Door
6. Just Say
7. Happy
8. All Together Now
9. Don't Care
10. Yes, I Know
11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
12. Sing On Through Tomorrow
13. Princess
14. As Night Descends
15. Built To Last
16. Love is Fine
17. Late Again
18. Boyband
19. Dignity
20. What You Are To Me
21. You Are My Song
22. Dream On / Sing On Through Tomorrow (reprise)

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