Saturday, May 21, 2011

Now available at Middle Eight Music...Eddie Perfect's new cabaret show Misanthropology!

Eddie Perfect - MisanthropologyEddie Perfect - Misanthropology

Award-winning comedian, composer and performer, Eddie Perfect is back!

Misanthropology is Perfect’s first new solo cabaret show since Drink Pepsi Bitch! and is described as a kind of twisted social autopsy, examining the stranger cultural rituals we find ourselves performing.

Here's how Eddie describes the show.....

“It’s the first solo show I’ve done in a while. It takes a look at human evolution, where it’s come from and where it might be going. And rather than every other text book, history lesson and documentary you’ll ever see about the human species which begins from the premise of, ‘Aren’t we amazing?’ I thought I’d look at all the ways that humans are imperfect and frail.

Sounds cheery, doesn’t it?....I think having a daughter, having a baby, has something to do with that. Because you go through a very fast-tracked process of understanding general human development, I found it really interesting. I also find that, generally, humans are pretty arrogant and self satisfied in a lot of ways.

There is some kind of cultural things in there, stuff about the environment. To me it’s about picking the non-obvious targets really. In my research there was a lot of really interesting stuff, like humans and our relationship with other animals, and why we think we’re so superior...There’s a song in there called The Ecolodge, which is about wealthy people who don’t really give a rat’s ass about the environment for most of the year, and then they go on a very expensive environmentally-friendly holiday and it seems to somehow absolve them. There’s stuff in there about the overtly wanky culture of professional sportsmen. Self-righteous cyclists, over-inflated wanky theatre directors. Basically it’s burning bridges for me!"

Recorded live at the famous Spiegeltent, Sydney Festival 2011

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