Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Now available from Middle Eight Music....Hayden Tee's new album

Hayden Tee - Generation WhY? LIVEHayden Tee - Generation WhY? LIVE

Here's how Hayden describes his second album:

"The initial idea came from a musical director I was working with in London in 2005. Bjorn Dobbelaere suggested I listen to some 1980's material as a possible match for my voice type...I was instantly reminded of the music that was playing on the radio and television throughout my early life..we invited an audience into Trackdown Recording Studios at Fox Studios Australia and over two shows recorded the 12 tracks on this album. I hope you enjoy the soundtrack of my generation as much as I enjoyed living, performing and recording it."

Generation WhY? LIVE features inspired re-workings of the some of the greatest hits of the ‘Y Generation’ with arrangements by Nigel Ubrihien.

"I think 'Generation WhY' Live' is exquisite! Hayden has a stunning voice and diction. The production is first class and powerful. The Choir and musicians excel." - Paul Dickson - Former CEO Festival Mushroom Records

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