Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Geraldine Quinn's new CD available through Middle Eight Music

Geraldine Quinn - Scream 'Jarvis Cocker' When You're LosingGeraldine Quinn - Scream 'Jarvis Cocker' When You're Losing

Eagerly awaited new album by one of Australia's funniest rock-cabaret-songwriter-comedians.

Geraldine has just completed a sell-out season at the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

"Quinn has been called a "female Tim Minchin" and Hex and the City is further proof that the next male cabaret star will surely be dubbed, "the next Geraldine Quinn." - Elisa Ghisalberti, Australian Stage Online, 16/04/09

Recorded live at the East Brunswick Club, Melbourne 29/10/08.

WARNING: Contains foul language, adult themes, Bowie references and violence towards dolphins!

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