Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now available from Middle Eight Music..Caroline Nin

Caroline Nin - Hymne à Edith PiafCaroline Nin - Hymne à Edith Piaf

Caroline Nin is the classic femme fatale, one that charms, intrigues and turns your imagination into a plethora of images, stories and memories through her mesmerizing personality, her captivating, rich voice and her unique musical interpretations of a repertoire ranging from Piaf to Greco, Dietrich to Brel. She was born in Paris and made her debut in the late 80’s at ‘The Hollywood Savoy’, swing and jazz venue, where she quickly attracted the attention of its punters interpreting the songs of Ella, Holiday and Vaughan and many other jazz icons that inspired her at the time. In the early 90’s Nin moved to London. In 2002, Caroline set foot for the first time in Australia where her second album “Scarlet Stories” was recorded live at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Since then Caroline has become a frequent visitor down under, performing in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne to ecstatic reviews.

"When Nin sings in her soulful, just husky-enough voice, the room strains to listen and hairs on the backs of necks stand up. an evening rich in poignant poetry." - Simon Ferguson, Daily Telegraph, Sydney

"Nin is a rare talent who is the perfect performer to present this moving bilingual tribute to France's acclaimed Little Sparrow." - Matt Byrne, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, The Sunday Times, June 2007.

"Caroline Nin supplies a shot of pure cabaret directly to your bloodstream." - The Age, 2002

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