Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two new musicals just arrived from Ghostlight Records

Little FishLittle Fish - 2008 Cast Recording

World premiere recording of Michael John LaChiusa's 2006 off-Broadway musical featuring Alice Ripley, Gregory Jbara, Chad Kimball, Brooke Tansley and Robert Torti.

Suggested by a pair of stories by Deborah Eisenberg, the musical stars Alice Ripley as a young woman trying to navigate the crazy quilt of New York while kicking the nicotine habit.

"A Stylish new musical, Little Fish translates the sort of neurotic, sidewise narrative associated with the New Yorker's fiction into the terms of musical comedy. Mr. LaChiusa's score proceeds to blend the jazzy, noirish feel of what is conventionally called the symphony of the city. Little Fish can be regarded as a direct, latter-day answer to Sondheim's Company." - New York Times

Frankenstein - 2007 Original Off-Broadway CastFrankenstein - 2007 Original Off-Broadway Cast

Music by Mark Baron and book and lyrics by Jeffrey Jackson.

In this stage adaptation of Frankenstein, authors Mark Baron, Jeffrey Jackson, and Gary P. Cohen sought to create a work that was uniquely faithful to Shelley’s original novel while offering a bold, new experience for modern theater audiences. To do so, they have broken with many of the conventions of musical theater to re-imagine the classic allegory as a “memory play” in which time and space are fluid, and in which people and places come instantly alive in the mind of the story’s protagonist, Victor Frankenstein--and vanish just as quickly. The result is a thrilling “mindscape” that brings the timeless myth of Frankenstein to life as never before.

Featuring Hunter Foster as Victor Frankenstein, Steve Blanchard as the Creature, Christiane Noll as Elizabeth plus Jim Stanek, Mandy Bruno and Aaron Serotsky.

The production enjoyed a limited run in 2007 that thrilled audiences night after night

"Beautiful power ballads and stunning choral numbers" - HX Magazine

"A big, bellowing hunk of musical manna!" - New York Times

"Will put you in mind of Les Miserables" - Gannett Newspapers

"Brings the classic tale thrillingly to life" - Associated Press

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