Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Expresso Bongo - 1958 Original London Cast plus Irma La Douce OLC HighlightsExpresso Bongo - 1958 Original London Cast plus Irma La Douce OLC Highlights

One of the 'real-life' musicals that arrived in London at the end of the 1950s, Expresso Bongo casts a wry look at the lower rungs of the pop-industry in its seedy Soho setting. Distinguished by its star performance by Paul Scofield, supported by Millicent Martin and Hy Hazell, the show's success further established David Heneker and Monty Norman as leading writers for British musicals. Although heavily sardonic (as in the pastiche of a terrible pop song, 'The Shrine On The Second Floor') the score also explored the complexities of love in such stand-out numbers as 'Seriously' and the lovely 'Time'.

Elizabeth Seal will forever be associated with her outstanding starring role in the French/British musical Irma La Douce, and is heard here in the best of the songs from the 1958 original British cast recording, also featuring Keith Michell.

Where's Charley/Chrysanthemum - Original London Casts Where's Charley/Chrysanthemum - Original London Casts

Norman Wisdom scored one of his greatest successes as Charley's Aunt in Frank Loesser's Where's Charley , the brilliant musical adaptation of Brandon Thomas' farce. This is a classic score with such evergreens as 'Lovelier Than Ever' and 'Once In Love With Amy'. Although originally a Broadway show, the London cast of 1958 was the first to record all the songs. Ably supported by Pip Hinton, Marion Grimaldi and a superb orchestra, Wisdom proves himself to be a true star of his time in this enduring period delight.

Pat Kirkwood and Hubert Gregg are the stars of the ragtime musical Chrysanthemum with its tuneful and lively songs firmly rooted in pastiche. NB: One song (Understanding) has had to be missed from the original LP because of time restrictions.

Living For Pleasure - 1958 Original London CastLiving For Pleasure - 1958 Original London Cast plus Alice In Wonderland (Studio Recording)

This disc from Must Close Saturday Records is devoted to the music of Richard Addinsell and begins with the original 1958 London Cast recording of the hugely successful 1958 intimate revue Living For Pleasure. Arthur Macrae's witty and sometimes wicked lyrics provided Addinsell with a perfect platform for his skills as a theatre composer, including the classic 'tart with a heart of gold' number for its star Dora Bryan, heard here in a variety of songs and sketches, and expertly crafted songs for the show's chanteuse, golden-voiced Janie Marden. The cast also includes Rank starlet Susan Beaumont.

As a bonus, Must Close Saturday Records include excerpts from a rare British studio recording of Addinsell's delightful score to Lewis Carroll's timeless classic ALICE stories perfectly complementing their 1947 Broadway cast recording (MCSR 3012) .

This enchanting version features Juliet Mills as Alice, David Nixon and Charlie Drake and features several songs not heard on the Broadway recording. Altogether a wonderful find!

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