Monday, September 8, 2008

Just arrived..a hilarious new musical from San Francisco!

Oh My Godmother!Oh My Godmother! - 2008 Original San Francisco Cast

OH MY GODMOTHER! is a side-splitting, over-the-top spin on the classic Cinderella tale. But don't think you know the whole story just yet, for as the opening lyric cautions: "You may think you've heard this story told before, but you only know the gist. This one has a different twist." Start with Albert, a love-struck gay teen in San Francisco. Toss in a homophobic Stepmother, a drag-loving 'Godmother', the reigning queens of Castro Street and their adopted son Prince--who’s questioning his own sexuality--and you’ll begin to get an idea of why this show has been greeted by gales of laughter, sold out houses and critical acclaim.

Ron Lytle’s score, which has been compared to the classic works of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter and Jerry Herman, is a parade of syncopated showstoppers including such memorable tunes as Fabulous!, It’s A Boy and Old Fashioned Commitment Ceremony.

"Infectious tunes, spirit make 'Godmother' sparkle! Charm and exuberance to spare… you’ll be hard pressed to find any musical, new or old, more carefree and gay!" - Chad Jones

"Fun-loving and high-spirited. If clever musicals are your thing, this one will definitely get you smiling and clapping along." - SF Weekly

"Delightful! Upbeat...sassy and clever. Melodies reminiscent of the work of Jerry Herman, Irving Berlin and Rodgers and Hammerstein" -

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