Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Now in exciting new Australian musical!

The HatpinThe Hatpin - 2008 Original Australian Cast

The Hatpin is a ground-breaking new Australian musical by young writers Peter Rutherford (Music) and James Millar (Book & Lyrics).

It is based on a true Australian story. In 1892 a desperate mother, Amber Murray (Melle Stewart), makes a heartbreaking decision, the consequences of which are still being felt today. Using the moral support she gains from her friendship with the free spirited Harriet Piper (Caroline O'Connor), she fights the injustices of circumstance and tragedy to find hope and strength.

The Hatpin had its World Premiere in Sydney in February 2008 with a stellar cast including Caroline O'Connor, Peter Cousens, Barry Crocker, Melle Stewart, Tyran Parke, Michelle Doake, Gemma-Ashley Kaplan, Jennifer Peers, Jodie Harris, Octavia Barron-Martin, James Millar and Nick Christo.

"A gripping production...A powerful piece of musical theatre. A landmark moment in Australian musical theatre." - Mark Hopkins, Sydney Morning Herald

"A sophisticated work...Taking the Australian musical a notch higher." - Troy Lennon, Daily Telegraph

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