Friday, February 8, 2008

Two exciting Australian Opera CDs!

Released next week, a new Joan Sutherland reissue at bargain the debut album from two of the rising stars of Opera Australia!

Joan Sutherland - Romantic Trios

Reissued in Australia at bargain price! of Dame Joan Sutherland’s last recordings..a delightful disc of trios for soprano, horn and piano.

Antoinette Halloran and Rosario La Spina - Puccini Romance

Fabulous debut album from two of Opera Australia's rising young stars, soprano Antoinette Halloran and tenor Rosario La Spina.

Check out the Joan Sutherland page for more CDs and DVDs from La Stupenda.

Plus Opera releases featuring Australian artists including David Hobson, Cheryl Barker, Yvonne Kenny and many more.

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